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Welcome to the ALL NEW

Race City Sauce Works

It's a new day here at Race City Sauce Works!  New look, new bottles and new sauces! We have moved all of our main line sauces from heavy glass to a light weight

USA Made and BPA FREE recyclable plastic bottles with twist spouts.

Also new to the group, well not completely new, just  smoothed out a bit. Our Carolina Cayenne  and our Verde Taco Sauce are now CREAMY! 

What We Offer

Whatever you are looking for, we can offer the best tasting, most unique and highest quality products.

  • Wholesale & Retail Pricing

  • Foodservice Sizes and Pricing

  • Branded 

  • Private label for your restaurant or business. Perfect for some spicy advertising!

  • Wedding Favors (The bride can't be the only hot one at the wedding...)

  • Gift Boxes

  • Volume and Discount Pricing

  • Experience in Exporting

  • Multi-Language labeling available (French/English for our Canadian Peeps...)

In the mood for some libatious euphoria? 


Is your home bar, restaurant, tavern or club missing some ferociously eye catching and seriously inspiring cocktail mixers and syrups?

Then take a peek at:


The Dr. Will take good care of you... 


Creamy Cayenne & Black Pepper


California Street Sauce Roja


California Street Sauce Verde

The Saucery

Here's where all the love is. That silk and spicy love. Bottled euphoria that will make your tongue quiver with antici…...pation


Seasonal Saucery

Just your everyday collection of award winning and uniquely inspired pure genius


about us

What drives us?  Why we do what we do? What makes us the South's most award winning sauce company?...

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